Le monde du business a changé : parlons-en, parlons SMS !

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This year I want to wish you, on behalf of emoveo, a happy new year.

But why in English?

For those who recently went in London, either for professional or private matters, what a wonderful experience! A breath of fresh air!

And it is not just a question of counting the cranes as would have said a former minister of economy…

Going directly to our topic – new business issues, stakes, practices – the BBC revealed the 4th of January the outcomes of interviews with senior managers based in London, including Dominic Barton, CEO of McKinsey&Company.

The core question was very simple: what is at stake in 2016 and what do companies expect from consultants?

The answer is very simple too:

1 – Be innovative.

2 – Bring added value and do not sell/deliver reuse (indeed!).

3 – Help concretely the managers to put in motion the transformation.

Should I add something, I would say: deliver added value in short timeframe trough lean approach. This is a “must have” trend we see on a daily basis.

That is most fitting with the business of emoveo. Great!

Meantime, the same day precisely, Les Echos Business ask the same very simple question: what are the business related priorities in 2016?

Is the answer as simple as the BBC outcomes?

Actually it sounds like this, en français dans le texte:

  • « Etat d’urgence de l’emploi ».
  • « Rémunération des dirigeants » (cf. 2 rapports majeurs de l’Institut Français des Administrateurs attendus T1 2016).
  • « Toujours plus d’incertitude sur le terrain financier ».
  • « Sur le front social, l’année s’annonce sulfureuse ».
  • « Vers un marketing plus intelligent et responsable ». Sur ce sujet, l’on peut quand même s’étonner de lire que « le grand challenge de 2016 tient dans la fluidification de la relation client ». Est-il question d’autre chose que de « Customer care » (omnicanal certes, et alors ?) ? Comment traduit-on « Customer care » en français ?
  • Des réformes juridiques en rafale : 2016 sera l’année des juristes.

Non il n’est pas question
de « French bashing » ! Pensons plutôt à la dynamique French Tech présente en ce début d’année au CES de Las Vegas 2016, année de l’avènement de la France comme startup nation ?

Il est simplement question, dans un contexte désormais parfaitement mondialisé, d’ouverture, de stratégie, de transformation, d’état d’esprit.

1 – Openness: be open to the talent diversity/mix, be open to best practices abroad, be open to new cultures;

2 – Strategy: make the right decisions, choose the right battlefields; do not think only “How to do it better” but “Do we do it the right way” (be innovative, be disruptive, be yourself); make it simple–keep it simple; be accountable (accountable > responsible); from a political perspective, back all the businesses (large and small), give stability and let entrepreneurs do their job (cf. Chancellor George Osborne’s spending review and autumn statement 2015 speech) ;

3 – Transformation: make sense; think/create/live “experiences”; be “customer care” and customer to business driven (customer to business > business to customer); support/help/coach your managers;

4 – Mindset: stop looking at the wheelbarrow filled with stones, go forward looking at the cathedral you are building; develop a culture of “experiences” (it’s not only a question of wording, go to London!); stop considering your client as the dog in the manger (customer care > CRM).
In 2016 emoveo will continue to be innovative, to bring added value (not only based on reuse!) and to help concretely our clients to put in motion the transformation.

In this portal, we will continue to provide you with contents, materials, points of view, methodologies related to Srategy, Marketing & Sales.



Jérôme Carayol, managing partner of emoveo.

January 2016.